Doctors You Can Trust

Dr. Jenny Millen

Thanks to her mother (who is a nurse), Dr. Jenny started her chiropractic care at the age of 2 for preventative wellness care. Not long after that it was clear what she wanted to be when she grew up. Most kids play “doctor”, but Dr. Jenny wanted to play “chiropractor”! Since then she has more than perfected that skill and developed a passion to help and educate as many people as she can with chiropractic.

After doing required undergraduate hours at University of Missouri-Columbia, Dr. Jenny received her B.S. in Human Biology and Doctorate of Chiropractic at Logan College in Chesterfield, MO. After graduation in 2002, Dr. Jenny took an associate position in Kansas and then North Carolina. After five years in North Carolina, Dr. Jenny is ready to call Lexington, KY home!

Dr. Jenny came to Kentucky with the love of her life Jake, her sons Colt, Cash, and Chance, and Crew and her beautiful dog Sammie. She enjoys spending time with her family, running, being outdoors, and of course watching the Big Blue Nation!

“I love seeing the results I get with all patients, but one of my favorite things in the world is seeing a child start chiropractic care. They are truly a step ahead in life and health. My son, Colt was adjusted within hours of being born and has never been sick. Chiropractic is more than just fixing back pain. Throughout my life I have personally had different ailments such as asthma, colitis, severe stress, and emotional situations and chiropractic is the only thing that helped me. We all live in an environment that is physically, mentally, and chemically stressful. We can’t escape it, but we can fight back with being as healthy as possible. I can help you win the battle not only for today, for the month, but for your life. Start investing in your health for the long-term. Slow down the degenerative process in your body. I want to be as healthy and independent as possible throughout my lifetime. I will be still running races when I am 80+! How about you?”

Dr. Jenny is an ICPA-certified Chiropractor, specializing in Peri-Natal and Pediatric Chiropractic but that doesn’t keep her from successfully treating the whole family!

Dr. Matt Barnhart

Dr. Matt is a Pennsylvania native. He was drawn to chiropractic through his family chiropractor. “When I was doing my undergraduate work I had the opportunity to work as a chiropractic assistant at our family chiropractor’s office and it changed the whole course of my life. I was seeing daily how chiropractic care was helping people get out of extreme pain, and it was at that moment I knew that was what I wanted to do.”

Dr. Matt completed his undergraduate work at California University of Pennsylvania, where he received his bachelors in biology. He went to Logan University where he received his bachelors is human biology and Doctor of Chiropractic degrees. Dr. Matt is an ICPA-certified Chiropractor, specializing in Peri-Natal and Pediatric Chiropractic and full family wellness.

Dr. Matt moved to Kentucky 6 years ago with his wife, Tara. They recently had their first child, William Reid and live in Mt. Sterling. He enjoys golfing, boating, hunting, fishing, and spending time with his family. “I enjoy treating patients of all ages, and helping them live happy and healthy lives. I think it is important to educate my patient on the benefits that chiropractic care can have on their entire family.”

Dr. Christie Goebel

Dr. Christie Goebel was born and raised in the great state of Kentucky. Dr. Christie received her B.S in Health Science at Eastern Kentucky University then worked as a physical therapy technician for 8 years with plans on furthering her education to become a physical therapist. After working for Dr. Jenny at Triple Crown Chiropractic as a rehab specialist and gaining knowledge about chiropractic care and how it can change the quality of a patients life for not only a short-term but for a lifetime, she decided to change course. Dr. Christie completed her Doctorate of Chiropractic at Logan University in Chesterfield, MO.

“I have a passion for educating patients as they go through care and believe that when a patient understands what is wrong and the steps that need to be taken to correct it, they have the ability to have better control over their lives a whole”.

Dr. Christie is both an ICPA and Webster certified chiropractor, as well as certified in Activator technique. In her free time, she enjoys running, reading, yoga, and being in nature. “My goal is to help patients achieve a more balanced life; from the very beginning stages, continuing on throughout a lifetime. Chiropractic care absolutely does that”.


Chiropractic Assistant
Andrew moved to Lexington, KY from Columbia, Missouri where he worked 8 years for the University of Missouri Hospital. Since he was young, he’s been an advocate for chiropractic.

“I find much reward through serving patients and their families. I look forward to being a valued member of Triple Crown Chiropractic.” Andrew spends his free time going to church, running, spending time with his family, traveling and watching movies.


Chiropractic Assistant
Hannah graduated from Lexington Healing Arts Academy as a licensed massage therapist. She loved working on patients through all walks of life. During her career as a massage therapist she began working with chiropractors, and it changed her life completely. She gained a better understanding of true wellness, and the power of the body to heal itself.

“I love getting to witness such a positive change in patients’ lives. Chiropractic is wellness from the inside out and we are truly changing lives every day! I was introduced to both massage therapy and chiropractic at a very young age and knew I wanted to be involved. It is an amazing feeling going into work knowing we are improving lives with each appointment!”

Hannah spends most of her time with family and friends. She is also a foster for Kentucky S.A.V.E.S. helping dogs find their forever homes. She makes her health a top priority by going to the gym on a regular basis, along with her regular adjustments.


Chiropractic Assistant
Josh graduated from Kentucky Christian University where he also played basketball. In 2015, he graduated from EMTPKY as an EMT. He started receiving chiropractic care over a year ago and has continued following his treatment plan along with staying active in the gym.

“People have no idea how adjustments can change their everyday life until they get started and follow through with it. There’s so many benefits from helping with stiff joints and mobility to everyday activities. Chiropractic makes it much easier and relaxing. I highly recommend it to everyone.”


Chiropractic Assistant
Alexis recently graduated from the University of Kentucky with her Bachelors in Public Health and was born and raised in Kentucky. She has been receiving adjustments since birth and couldn’t live without them! Alexis spends most of her free time running and hanging out with family and friends.

“I love being able to promote and educate others about the importance of chiropractic care. Just in my short time here I’ve seen the way Dr. Jenny and Dr. Matt treat every patient like family and how much our patients love them. I have always been pro-chiropractic but working at TCC has opened my eyes to how beneficial chiropractic can truly be to your health, it can heal and prevent so many diseases without using drugs or surgery!”


Karin is a native Lexingtonian with two teenage boys. She has 30 years experience working with doctors. She does Billing and Credentialing here at Triple Crown Chiropractic. She has enjoyed being a part of this great team. “The Chiropractic Care I have received has changed my life. The compassion and expertise of the doctors at TCC is amazing!”


Practice Representative

Reese is from Omaha,Nebraska but moved to Kentucky to attend The University of Kentucky, where he studied Marketing. Reese spends his free time working out and watching sports.

“Being able to describe to people the importance of Chiropractic Care is amazing. I’ve seen first hand how much it can help you do everyday activities and working out without the pain and stiff joints that usually come with them.”


Chiropractic Assistant

Marcelle is originally from Christchurch, New Zealand, and relocated to Lexington, Kentucky with her husband 7 years ago.

Marcelle is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, and is passionate about using Chiropractic care as well as nutrition to maintain health and wellbeing.

Marcelle and her family are strong advocates of regular Chiropractic care, and have experienced first hand the difference that it can make in peoples lives.

“There is so much benefit to regular Chiropractic care, and I think it should 100% be a part of everyones regular health regime. I believe that if we use Chiropractic care alongside good nutrition, we can heal and nourish our bodies, and become the healthiest possible version of ourselves”.

Marcelle enjoys spending time with her husband Stuart, daughter Millie-Jane, fur baby Stella, and their friends. In her spare time she also enjoys camping, playing golf, and spending time in the kitchen coming up with healthy and nutritious recipes for her family and friends.